Jackson Browne

Clyde “Jackson Browne” (born October 9, 1948) is an American singer-songwriter and musician who has sold over 17 million albums in the United States alone. Coming to prominence in the 1970s, Browne has written ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Child In These Hills1
A Man of Constant Sorrow0
About My Imagination0
Across the Universe0
Alive in the World1
Alive in the World [Live]0
All Good Things2
Anything Can Happen0
Baby How Long0
Barricades of Heaven8
Before The Deluge21
Birds of St. Marks0
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?0
Call it a Loan6
Casino Nation1
Chasing You into the Light0
Colors of The Sun2
Crow on the Cradle0
Culver Moon0
Cut It Away2
Daddy's Tune3
Disco Apocalypse0
Doctor My Eyes28
Don't You Want to be There1
Drums of War1
El Rayo X0
Enough of the Night0
Everywhere I Go1
Far From The Arms Of Hunger0
Farther On7
First Girl I Loved0
For A Dancer21
For a Dancer [Live]0
For A Rocker0
For America1
For Everyman9
For Everyman [Live]0
For Taking the Trouble1
For Taking the Trouble [Oviedo Sound Check]0
For Waking the Trouble3
Fountain Of Sorrow14
Fountain of Sorrow [Live]0
From Silver Lake4
Giving that Heaven Away0
Going Down to Cuba0
Golden Slumbers0
Here Come Those Tears Again3
Hold On Hold Out0
Hold Out1
How Long0
I am a patriot3
I Thought I Was A Chid3
I Thought I Was a Child1
I'll Do Anything0
I'm Alive13
I'm the Car1
I'm the Cat0
I've Been the One0
If I Only Had a Brain0
If I Only Had the Nerve0
In The Shape Of A Heart12
In the Shape of a Heart [Live]0
Information Wars0
It is One1
Jamaica, Say You Will6
Just Say Yeah1
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine0
Knock on Any Door0
Late For the Sky36
Late for the Sky [From Taxi Driver]0
Lawless Avenues0
Lawyers In Love10
Let It Be Me0
Linda Paloma4
Live Nude Cabaret0
Lives In The Balance8
Lives in the Balance [Live]0
Looking East3
Looking East [Live]0
Looking Into You7
Love Is Strange/Stay0
Love Needs a Heart4
Mercury Blues0
Mexico [DVD]0
Miles Away1
My Opening Farewell6
My Personal Revenge0
My Problem Is You2
My Stunning Mystery Companion2
Naked Ride Home0
Never Stop1
Never Stop [Live]0
Night Inside Me0
Nothing But Time0
Of Missing Persons2
Off of Wonderland1
Oh, My Love0
On The Day0
Only Child0
Our Lady of the Well9
Poor, Poor Pitiful Me0
Ready Or Not1
Red Neck Friend1
Redemption Song0
Redneck Friend6
Rock Me On The Water15
Running On Empty18
Say It Isn't True0
Sergio Leone0
Shaky Town2
Shaky Town [Surround Sound][Multimedia Track]0
Sing My Songs to Me2
Sit Down Servant0
Sky Blue and Black26
Sky Blue and Black [Live]0
Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate6
Soldier of Plenty1
Some Bridges0
Somebody's Baby13
Somebody's Baby [From Fast Times at Ridgemont High]0
Something Fine3
Something Fine [Live]0
Song For Adam7
Stay [DVD]0
Stay [Live]0
Take It Easy5
Take It Easy (Intro) [Live]0
Take It Easy [Live]0
Take It Easy [LP Version]0
Take This Rain2
Tender Is The Night7
That Girl Could Sing5
The Barricades of Heaven3
The Barricades of Heaven [Live]0
The Birds of St. Marks4
The Birds of St. Marks [#]0
The Birds of St. Marks [Live]0
The Crow on the Cradle0
The Drums of War0
The Fuse4
The Jitterbug0
The Late Show5
The Load Out/Stay9
The Naked Ride Home5
The Next Voice You Hear1
The Night Inside Me3
The Night Inside Me [Live]0
The Only Child2
The Pretender43
The Pretender [Live]0
The Rebel Jesus0
The Road3
The Road and the Sky0
The Road [Surround Sound][Multimedia Track]0
The Times You've Come2
The Word Justice0
These Days17
These Days [Live]0
Till I Go Down0
Time The Conqueror0
Too Many Angels1
Too Many Angels [Live]0
True Love Ways0
Tu Tranquilo0
Two of Me, Two of You2
Under The Falling Sky2
Voices of Freedom0
Walking Slow0
Walking Town0
We're off to See the Wizard0
When the Stone Begins to Turn0
Where Were You0
World in Motion0
You Love the Thunder0
You're a Friend of Mine1
You're a Friend of Mine [Single Version]0
Your Bright Baby Blues7
Your Bright Baby Blues [Live]0

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