Song Name   Comments
A Scottish Farewell0
Accountancy Shanty3
All Things Dull And Ugly5
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life26
Alzheimer Answereing Machine1
Answering Machine Song0
Anything Goes1
Background to History1
Bing Tiddle Tiddle Bong1
Brave Sir Robin10
Brian Song4
Brian Song (Continued)0
Bright Side of Life5
Bruce's Philosophers Song0
Bruces' Philosophers Song4
Camelot Song0
Cheese Shop0
Christmas In Heaven3
Decomposing Composers1
Dennis Moore1
Do What John0
Do What John?0
Eric The Half A Bee5
Eric the Half-A-Bee Song0
Every Sperm Is Sacred8
Every Sperm Is Sacred/Protestant Couple/Adventures of Martin Luther0
Farewell To John Denver1
Ferret Song2
Finland Song0
Galaxy Song0
He's Going To Tell0
Henry Kissinger2
Henry Kissinger Song0
Here Comes Another One2
Holzfällerliederhosen (German Lumberjack Song)1
I Bet You They Won't Play This Song on the Radio4
I Like Chinese6
I Like Traffic Lights11
I Must Be In Love0
I Wonder Where That Fish Did Go0
I'm So Worried3
I'm So Worried (Demo Version)0
I'm the Urban Spaceman2
I've Got a Little List1
I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts2
I've Got Two Legs1
Idiot Song0
Inspector Dim Of The Yard0
Jelusarem (The Chinese Version)0
Knights of the Round Table0
Knights Of The Round Table (Camelot Song)11
Lumberjack Song12
Lumberjack Song [Live]0
Meaning of Life [Original Film Soundtrack]0
Medical Love Song6
Medical Love Song [Alternate Take][*][Demo Version]0
Military Fairy3
Money Song2
Muddy Knees0
My Way0
Never Be Rude To An Arab1
Oh Lord Please Don't Burn Us2
Oliver Cromwell2
One Foot In The Grave1
Only A Dream Away0
Penis Song0
Penis Song (Not the Noel Coward Song)0
Philosopher's Song0
Protest Song0
Rhubarb Tart0
Rock Notes0
Sergent Duckie's Song0
Shopping Song0
Short Blues0
Sit On My Face9
Spam Song9
Stoop Solo0
That's Death0
The Cheese Shop0
The Galaxy Song7
The Getty Song0
The Idiot Song3
The Lumberjack Song0
The Matyrdom of St. Victor0
The Meaning of Life50
The Penis Song12
The Philosopher's Drinking Song0
The Pirate Song0
The Suicice Squad Song1
Traffic Lights0
Waiting for the Film to Come0
When Does A Dream Begin?1
Ya Di Buckety0
Yangtse Song0

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