Song Name   Comments
(We Were) Born to Rock0
Afterglow (Of your love)0
Afterglow (Of Your Love) [#]0
Back to the Coast0
Bad Boy0
Bang Your Head16
Bang Your Head (Metal Health)0
Bang Your Head (Metal Health) [*]0
Bang Your Head (Metal Health) [Live]0
Bass Case [Instrumental]0
Battle Axe0
Calling the shots0
Condition Critical0
Condition Critical [Live]0
Coppin' a feel0
Cum on Feel the Noize0
Cum On Feel The Noize (Slade Cover)22
Cum on Feel the Noize [*]0
Cum on Feel the Noize [Album Version]0
Cum on Feel the Noize [Album Version] [Version]0
Cum on Feel the Noize [Live]0
Demolition Derby0
Don't wanna be a fool0
Don't Wanna Let You Go0
Don't Wanna Let You Go [*]0
Down and Dirty0
Empty promises0
Eye for an eye0
Face to face0
Fit to Be Tied0
Force of Habit [#]0
Get Your Kicks0
Glad All Over0
Helping Hands0
I'm falling0
In a rush0
Inside you0
It's Not So Funny0
Itchycoo Park0
Just How You Want It0
Killer girls0
King of the hill0
Let's Get Crazy0
Let's Get Crazy [*]0
Let's Get Crazy [Live 1984]0
Let's Get Crazy [Live]0
Let's Get Crazy [Original Demo Track][*]0
Let's Get Crazy [Original Dubrow Demo]0
lets get crazy now0
Look in Any Window0
Love's a Bitch0
Love's a Bitch [Live]0
Love's a Bitch [Original Demo Track][*]0
Love's a Bitch [Original Dubrow Demo]0
Lunar Obsession0
Main Attraction0
Mama Weer All Crazee Now0
Mama Weer All Crazee Now [*]0
Mama's Little Angels0
Metal Health0
Metal Health (Bang Your Head)0
Metal Health [Live 1984]0
Metal Health [Live]0
Party All Night0
Picking up the Pieces [#]0
Put up or Shut Up0
Red Alert0
Riot Reunion0
Rise or Fall0
Run for Cover0
Run for Cover [Live 1984]0
Run for Cover [Live]0
Run to you0
Scream and Shout0
Sign of the Times0
Sign of the Times [*]0
Silk black cadillac0
Slave to Love0
Slick Black Cadillac0
Slick Black Cadillac [Live][*]0
Stay with me tonight0
Still of the Night0
Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet0
The joker0
The Pump0
The Wild And The Young0
The Wild and the Young [*]0
The Wild and the Young [DVD]0
Thunder Bird [Original Demo Track][*]0
Thunderbird [Original Dubrow Demo]0
Tin Soldier0
Twilight Hotel0
We Were Born To Rock0
We've got the magic0
Winners Take All0
Winners Take All [Live]0
You drive me crazy0
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