Dire Straits

Dire Straits emerged during the post-punk era of the late '70s, and while their sound was minimalistic and stripped down, they owed little to punk. If anything, the band was a direct outgrowth of the roots revivalism of pub ... Read more

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Song Name   Comments
A Night in Summer Long Ago0
All the Roadrunning0
Angel Of Mercy4
Badges, Posters, Stickers, T-shirts0
Brothers In Arms112
Brothers in Arms [Live]0
Brothers in Arms [Stereo]0
Calling Elvis5
Calling Elvis [DVD]0
Calling Elvis [Live]0
Calling Elvis [Multimedia Track]0
Cannibals [Stereo]0
Darling Pretty0
Darling Pretty [Stereo]0
Done with Bonaparte [Stereo]0
Down To The Waterline12
Expresso Love7
Fade To Black0
Follow Me Home5
Going Home (Theme from the Local Hero) [Instrumental]0
Going Home [Instrumental]0
Going Home [Theme from The Local Hero][Instrumental]0
Golden Heart [Stereo]0
Gravy Train [Stereo]0
Hand In Hand3
Heavy Fuel7
Heavy Fuel [DVD]0
Heavy Fuel [Multimedia Track]0
How Long0
I Think I Love You Too Much1
If I Had You1
Imelda [Stereo]0
In The Gallery8
Industrial Disease22
Iron Hand3
It Never Rains8
Je Suis Desole [Stereo]0
Kingdom Come0
Lady Writer9
Lady Writer [DVD]0
Lady Writer [Multimedia Track]0
Les Boys11
Love Over Gold7
Love Over Gold [DVD][Live]0
Love Over Gold [Live]0
Love Over Gold [Multimedia Track]0
Man's Too Strong4
Millionaire Blues1
Money For Nothing74
Money for Nothing [Stereo: Without Lead Vocals]0
My Parties3
On Every Street30
On Every Street [DVD]0
On Every Street [Multimedia Track]0
Once Upon A Time In The West8
One World2
One World [5.1 DVD Audio]0
Planet of New Orleans2
Portobello Belle9
Portobello Belle [Live]0
Private Investigations17
Private Investigations [DVD]0
Private Investigations [Multimedia Track]0
Real Girl0
Ride Across The River13
Ride Across the River [5.1 DVD Audio]0
Romeo & Juliet0
Romeo And Juliet126
Romeo and Juliet [DVD]0
Romeo and Juliet [Live]0
Romeo and Juliet [Multimedia Track]0
Romeo and Juliet [Stereo]0
Rudiger [Stereo]0
Sailing to Philadelphia2
Setting Me Up1
Single Handed Sailor7
Single-Handed Sailor0
Six Blade Knife7
So Far Away15
So Far Away [5.1 DVD Audio]0
So Far Away [DVD]0
So Far Away [Multimedia Track]0
Solid Rock3
Southbound Again2
Sultans Of Swing97
Sultans of Swing [Demo] [Demo Version]0
Sultans of Swing [DVD Video]0
Sultans of Swing [DVD]0
Sultans of Swing [Live]0
Sultans of Swing [Multimedia Track]0
Sultans of Swing [Redux]0
Telegraph Road46
The BUG3
The Long Highway0
The Long Road (Theme from Cal)0
The Long Road [Theme from Cal][Instrumental]0
The Man's Too Strong54
The Man's Too Strong [5.1 DVD Audio]0
The Trawlerman's Song0
Think I Love You Too Much0
Ticket To Heaven3
Tunnel Of Love36
Tunnel of Love (Intro: The Carousel Waltz)0
Tunnel of Love [DVD]0
Twisting By The Pool6
Twisting by the Pool [DVD]0
Twisting by the Pool [Multimedia Track]0
Twisting by the Pool [Remix]0
Two Young Lovers0
Two Young Lovers Intro: The Carousel Waltz0
Walk Of Life29
Walk of Life [5.1 DVD Audio]0
Walk of Life [DVD]0
Walk of Life [Live]0
Walk of Life [Multimedia Track]0
Walk of Life [Stereo]0
Water Of Love7
What It Is0
What's The Matter Baby?0
When It Comes To You2
Where Do You Think You're Going0
Where Do You Think You're Going?10
Why Aye Man0
Why Worry26
Why Worry [5.1 DVD Audio]0
Wild West End5
You & Your Friend11
You and Your Friend1
Your Latest Trick34
Your Latest Trick [5.1 DVD Audio]0
Your Latest Trick [DVD]0
Your Latest Trick [DVD][Live]0
Your Latest Trick [Live]0
Your Latest Trick [Live] [Live][Multimedia Track]0

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