Swing Out Sister

Swing Out Sister is a British "sophisti-pop" group best known worldwide for their 1986 song "Breakout". Other hits include "Twilight World", "Waiting Game" and a remake of "Am I the Same Girl?" Though their album sales in ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
After Hours0
All in Your Mind0
Am I the Same Girl1
Am I the Same Girl?0
Another Lost Weekend0
Better Make It Better0
Better Make It Better [Edit]0
Between Strangers0
Blue Mood0
Blue Mood [Dubbeed-Up Version]0
Breakout [Late Night Studio Take] [Take]0
Breakout [New Rockin' Version]0
Closer Than the Sun0
Communion [Instrumental]0
Dirty Money0
Don't Give up on a Good Thing0
Don't Let Yourself Down0
Don't Say a Word0
Everyday Crime0
Everyday Crime [Instrumental]0
Feel Free0
Filth and Dreams0
Fooled by a Smile0
Forever Blue0
Get in Touch With Yourself0
Happy When You're High0
Heart for Hire0
Here and Now0
I Can Hear You But I Can't See You [Instrumental]0
Icy Cold as Winter0
If I Had the Heart0
Incomplete Without You0
It's Not Enough0
La (Means I Love You)0
La La (Means I Love You)0
Love Child0
Make You Stay0
Making the Right Move0
Mama Didn't Raise No Fool0
Masquerade [*][Instrumental]0
Now You're Not Here0
Now You're Not Here [Da-Li-Da]0
Now You're Not Here [Daddy Macks Back]0
Now You're Not Here [Deep Siesta]0
Now You're Not Here [Desolate Shores]0
Now You're Not Here [Instrumental]0
Now You're Not Here [So Low]0
Now You're Not Here [Water & Water]0
Ordinary People0
Precious Words0
Precious Words [*][Instrumental]0
Secret Love [Instrumental]0
Something Out of This World0
Somewhere in the World0
Stop and Think It Over0
Sugar Free0
Surrender [Live]0
That's the Way It Goes0
The Windmills of Your Mind0
The Windmills of Your Mind [Live]0
Twilight World0
Twilight World [Edited Version][Edit]0
Twilight World [Edit]0
Twilight World [Superb. Superb. Mix]0
Waiting Game0
We Could Make It Happen0
When Morning Comes0
Where in the World0
Who Let the Love Out0
Who's Been Sleeping0
Windmills of Your Mind0
Windmills of Your Mind [Live]0
World Out of Control0
You Already Know0
You on My Mind0

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