Vantana Row

Vantana Row is a punk duo, formed in 2015 by Jamey and Volly Blaze in Alameda, California. They are mentioned in SF Weekly, Worldstar and other blogs for their gimmicky 'drive by' performances, living in their van, their ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
American Wearing Hawaiian Shirt0
Another Song0
Anu Panels0
Basic Starkist0
Both Our Sisters Ain’t Shit0
Bowler And Company0
Breakfast Crew (Tribute to Rugby)0
Brunette Girl Going Hard At Astral Projection Fest Bothers Me (B.G.G.H.A.A.P.F.B.M.)0
Capitalism Tastes Like Sugar0
Ceiling Fans In The ’90s Were Still Ceiling Fans0
Doo Yoo (Interlude)0
Enter The Cave Of The Hidden Music And Hear The Song Of The Earth0
Environmentalist Darth Vader0
Everyone Watches Someone0
Feels Like Vibrating0
Folk Hitz0
Footballs Catchin Bodies In The Friend-Zone0
Fresh Nuggets0
Gamora, I Adore Ya0
God & Crack0
Good Ones0
Hawt Lava (Interlude)0
Holy Mr. Shrine0
I Was Silent0
I've Never Tried To Get An Abortion In Another State0
If U Can’t Fem ‘Em, Men ‘Em0
If You’re Not Mad I Can’t Help You0
Inviting And Enlightening0
It Figures Santa Would Live In Alameda0
It Sux0
It’s Just Our Gay Buddhist Church Of Oakland0
It’s Only Nina Hagen0
I’m Digressing0
I’m Sensing A Protagonist0
Just Ur Neighborhood Fck Boi0
Kiss Clause0
Lightweight Hella Depressed0
Looking Glass It Up0
Magicians Are Cooler Than Musicians0
Michael Masters Earth0
Most Of My Friends Work At Chipotle0
Much Into Harlots0
Multiple Grandmas On Tinder0
My Acting Career Began At A Restaurant In Rome0
My Body Is Made Of American Cheese0
Neurotic Bitch In Love Again0
Nozzle (Interlude)0
Oaklandia (ft. Yung Daplord)0
On Wednesdays I Am Going To Make It0
Play Ideas0
Reggo Tyranny0
Residing At Currently Homeless, California0
Sachiko Drippin Jelly0
Sad Gank0
SC Ballin Wow0
She Knows No Moderation0
South Foe0
Spazzy Jazz & Skitzo Ska0
Spiritual Aviation Gun0
Spotted In The San Francisco Gay Area0
Summon Nymphs0
Supposed To Be Hard0
Sweden X0
Tap Water On The Roxx0
Te Gusta Blind Freckled People0
Thank Them For What They Will Give You0
That Girl On The Poster Is A Guy And He's So Hawt0
The Green Commandments Of The Blue Deities0
The Grehtest0
They Heard It, I Felt It.0
Toasting With Aunt Mary & Uncle Julius0
Verything Everything0
Where Is Dram Bero?0
Who The Fuck Is Robert Soley?0
Witchie Woochie0
Worst Best Friend Ever0
Yet Rule They Do0
You Live In Fiction, I Live In The Past0
You My Only Vato0

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