Song Name   Comments
'Ulili E (The Sandpiper) [Instrumental]0
Ach, Du Lieber Augustin (The More We Get Together) [Instrumental]0
Aeyaya Balano Sakkad (Come, Children) [Instrumental]0
Alleluia [Instrumental]0
America, My Homeland [Instrumental]0
Backwater Blues [Instrumental]0
Bella Bimba (Pretty Girl) [Instrumental]0
Chorus of Villagers [Instrumental]0
Early in the Morning at Eight O'Clock [Instrumental]0
Egy Ãœveg Alma (One Jar of Apples) [Instrumental]0
En Roulant Ma Boule (As I Roll My Ball) [Instrumental]0
Gong Xi Fa Cai [Instrumental]0
Happy Talk [Instrumental]0
I Got Shoes [Instrumental]0
I Saw the Light [Instrumental]0
J'Entends le Moulin (I Hear the Windmill) [Instrumental]0
Jikel' Emaweni (Throw It Down the Slope) [Instrumental]0
John Kanaka [Instrumental]0
Jordan's Angels [Instrumental]0
Just One Planet [Instrumental]0
L' Inverno È Già Passato (Winter Is Over) [Instrumental]0
La Cloche (The Clock) [Instrumental]0
Lean on Me [Instrumental]0
Let's Go Driving [Instrumental]0
Library Song [Instrumental]0
London Bridge [Instrumental]0
Mbombela (The Train Comes) [Instrumental]0
Mein Hut (My Hat) [Instrumental]0
Moon and Me [Instrumental]0
My Mama's Calling Me [Instrumental]0
Nampaya Omame [Instrumental]0
No Despiertes a Mi Niño (Do Not Wake My Little Son) [Instrumental]0
O, I'm Gonna Sing [Instrumental]0
O, La Le! [Instrumental]0
O, The Train's Off the Track [Instrumental]0
Old Woman and the Pig [Instrumental]0
Sansa Kroma (Little Hawk) [Instrumental]0
Sheep Shearing [Instrumental]0
Shepherd, Shepherd [Instrumental]0
Ship Ahoy [Instrumental]0
Simon Says [Instrumental]0
Somebody's Knockin' at Your Door [Instrumental]0
Sound the Trumpet [Instrumental]0
The Marvelous Toy [Instrumental]0
The Minuteman Minute Song [Instrumental]0
There's No Hidin' Place [Instrumental]0
Wake Up the Sun [Instrumental]0
What a Wonderful World [Instrumental]0
Willum [Instrumental]0

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