Song Name   Comments
A la Puerta del Cielo (At the Gates of Heaven) [Instrumental]0
A Perfect Winter Day [Instrumental]0
All Work Together [Instrumental]0
Ani Purim (Purim) [Instrumental]0
Bickle, Bockle [Instrumental]0
Bohm (Spring Has Come!) [Instrumental]0
Buffalo Dance Entrance Song [Instrumental]0
Bulbes (Taters) [Instrumental]0
Captain Jinks [Instrumental]0
Chairs to Mend [Instrumental]0
Charlotte Town [Instrumental]0
Cobbler, Cobbler, Mend My Shoe [Instrumental]0
Counting Song [Instrumental]0
Earth Child [Instrumental]0
El Tecolote (The Owlet) [Instrumental]0
Give a Little Love [Instrumental]0
Goober Peas [Instrumental]0
Goodbye Brother [Instrumental]0
Haneirot Halalu (The Lights) [Instrumental]0
I'm Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table [Instrumental]0
It's So Good to See You [Instrumental]0
Jack, Be Nimble [Instrumental]0
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt [Instrumental]0
La Víbora de la Mar (The Serpent from Sea) [Instrumental]0
Lady, Lady [Instrumental]0
Land of a Thousand Dances [Instrumental]0
Les Anges dans Nos Campagnes (Angels We Have Heard on High) [Instrumental]0
Looby Loo [Instrumental]0
Martin Luther King [Instrumental]0
Me Gase Boho (Orange Tree) [Instrumental]0
Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) [Instrumental]0
Merecumbé [Instrumental]0
Mountain Music [Instrumental]0
My Home's in Montana [Instrumental]0
Never Sleep Late Anymore [Instrumental]0
Nia [Instrumental]0
O Hal'lwe [Nanticoke Women's Honoring Song][Instrumental]0
Oats, Peas, Beans, And Barley Grow [Instrumental]0
Pauper Sum Ego (I Am Poor) [Instrumental]1
Piñón Pirulín [Instrumental]0
Presidents [Instrumental]0
Pusa'tdaga (Cat and Rat) [Instrumental]0
Raccoon Dance Song [Instrumental]0
Riqui Ran (Sawing Song) [Instrumental]0
Risseldy, Rosseldy [Instrumental]0
River Come Down [Instrumental]0
Shibolet Basadeh (Wheat in the Field) [Instrumental]0
Shope Shope (Oh, Shope, Shope) [Instrumental]0
Sixteen Tons [Instrumental]0
Slap That Bass [Instrumental]0
Smilin' [Instrumental]0
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child [Instrumental]0
Somos el Barco (We Are the Boat) [Instrumental]0
Suomen Salossa (The Finnish Forest) [Instrumental]0
The Addams Family Theme [Instrumental]1
The Bell Doth Toll [Instrumental]0
The Rainbow Song [Instrumental]0
The Stars and Stripes Forever [Instrumental]0
They Were Tall [Instrumental]0
Time to Sing [Instrumental]0
Town Hall Halloween Ball [Instrumental]0
Tsing Chun U Chü (Youth Dance Song) [Instrumental]0
Ujamaa [Instrumental]0
Vem Kan Segla (Who Can Sail?) [Instrumental]0
Wayfaring Stranger [Instrumental]0
We Go Together [Instrumental]0
What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Baby? [Instrumental]0
Worms [Instrumental]0
Yanai (The Elephant) [Instrumental]0
Yo, Mamana, Yo (Oh, Mama, Oh) [Instrumental]0

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