Song Name   Comments
Achshav (Now) [Instrumental]0
Ame Fure (Rain) [Instrumental]0
Animales (Animals) [Instrumental]0
Autumn Leaves Are Falling [Instrumental]0
Bahay Kubo [My Nipa Hut][Instrumental]0
Be Yours [Instrumental]0
Beryoza (The Birch Tree) [Instrumental]0
Categories [Instrumental]0
Chichipapa (The Sparrows' Singing School) [Instrumental]0
Colorful Dragon Boat [Instrumental]0
Dal Taro Kacha (Come, Pick the Moon) [Instrumental]0
Dere Geliyor (River Overflowing) [Instrumental]0
Diou Shou Juan'er (Hide the Handkerchief!) [Instrumental]0
Down by the Riverside [Instrumental]0
E Nana Kakou I Na Manu (Let's Watch the Birds) [Instrumental]0
Everybody Oughta Know [Instrumental]0
Feel Good [Instrumental]0
Fehér Liliomszál (Little Water Lilly) [Instrumental]0
Five Fat Turkeys [Instrumental]0
Ga Eul (Fall) [Instrumental]0
Gogo [Instrumental]0
Goin' Home [Instrumental]0
Good Morning Blues [Instrumental]0
Hala Lala Layya [Instrumental]0
Hallelujah, Get on Board [Instrumental]0
Hanukkah Chag Yafen (Hanukkah Joyous Holiday) [Instrumental]0
Hashewie (Going Round) [Instrumental]0
Hey, Motswala [Instrumental]0
Hine Ma Tov (How Good It Is) [Instrumental]0
Hitori [Instrumental]0
Hold My Mule [Instrumental]0
Hop! Chirp! Moo! Oh, Happy Springtime Day! [Instrumental]0
I Will Be Your Friend [Instrumental]0
I Will Sing Hello [Instrumental]0
In That Great Git'n Up Mornin' [Instrumental]0
It's So Nice on the Ice [Instrumental]0
Itik Besenda Gurau (The Ducks) [Instrumental]0
Já Do Lesa Nepojedu (To the Woods Will Not Go) [Instrumental]0
Jingle Bells [Instrumental]0
Kari (Wild Geese) [Instrumental]0
Kojo No Tsuki (Moon at the Ruined Castle) [Instrumental]0
Kum Bachur (The Rooster) [Instrumental]0
Kuma San (Honorable Bear) [Instrumental]0
Let It Roll [Instrumental]0
Look Who's Here! [Instrumental]0
Mama Don't 'Low [Instrumental]0
Marken Er Mejet (Out in the Meadow) [Instrumental]0
Mizuguruma (Water Wheel) [Instrumental]0
Monté Sur un Éléphant (Riding on an Elephant) [Instrumental]0
My Mom [Instrumental]0
Na Belo (Little Heron) [Instrumental]0
Ngam Sang Duan (Shining Moon) [Thai][Instrumental]0
O Love My Country [Instrumental]0
Ogguere [Instrumental]0
One Dime Blues [Instrumental]0
One, Two, Three, Four [Instrumental]0
Rattlesnake [Instrumental]0
Red Iron Ore [Instrumental]0
Sara Watashi (Plate Passing) [Instrumental]0
Sing Alleluia, Allelu [Instrumental]0
Sitsiritsit [Instrumental]0
Sittin' Down to Eat [Instrumental]0
Soup, Soup [Instrumental]0
Suliram [Instrumental]0
Take Me Out to the Ball Game [Instrumental]0
Tanabata (Seven Evenings) [Instrumental]0
The Earth Is Our Mother [Instrumental]0
The Lumber Camp Song [Instrumental]0
The Old Barn Dance [Instrumental]0
The Owl and the Cickoo [Instrumental]0
There Are Many Flags in Many Lands [Instrumental]0
There Was a Blue Flower [Instrumental]0
Things I'm Thankful For [Instrumental]0
This Pretty Planet [Instrumental]0
Tina Singu [Instrumental]0
Trampin' [Instrumental]0
Triple Play [Instrumental]0
Uga Uga Uga (Cake, Cake, Cake!) [Instrumental]0
Ujima [Instrumental]0
Wavvuuvuumira (Mister Bamboo Bug) [Instrumental]0
Wéané [Instrumental]0
We Shall Overcome [Instrumental]0
We're Sailing Down the River [Instrumental]0
What Can One Little Person Do? [Instrumental]0

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