Song Name   Comments
'Round the Coner, Sally [Instrumental]0
A Great Big Sea [Instrumental]0
A Journey [Canon][Instrumental]0
A Journey [Unison][Instrumental]0
All Around the Buttercup [Instrumental]0
Barbry Ellen [Instrumental]0
Big Big World [Instrumental]0
Bim Bom [Instrumental]0
Blue Suede Shoes [Instrumental]0
Bop 'Til You Drop [Instrumental]0
Boris, The Singing Bear [Instrumental]0
Built My Lady a Fine Brick House [Instrumental]0
But the Critter Got Away [Instrumental]0
Candle on the Water [Instrumental]0
Caranguejo (The Crab) [Instrumental]0
Charleston [Instrumental]0
Chirri Bim [Instrumental]0
Circle of Life [Instrumental]0
Colors of the Wind [Instrumental]0
Come Back, My Little Chicks [Instrumental]0
Comedy Tonight [Instrumental]1
Cut the Cake [Instrumental]0
Doney Gal [Instrumental]0
Dumplin's [Instrumental]0
El Nido (The Nest) [Instrumental]0
God Bless America [Instrumental]0
Goodbye, My Riley O [Instrumental]0
Hakuna Matata [Instrumental]0
Hang on Sloopy [Instrumental]0
Hoo, Hoo! [Instrumental]0
How Can I Keep from Singing? [Instrumental]0
How Does Your Garden Grow? [Instrumental]0
I Am Slowly Going Crazy, Version 1 [Instrumental]0
I Am Slowly Going Crazy, Version 2 [Instrumental]0
I Am Slowly Going Crazy, Version 3 [Instrumental]0
I Know an Old Lady [Instrumental]0
I Like Spinach [Instrumental]0
I Love a Piano [Instrumental]0
If All the World Were Paper [Instrumental]0
Instrument Game [With Instruments][Instrumental]0
It's a Small World [Instrumental]0
Jambo (Hello) [Instrumental]0
Jingle-Bell Rock [Instrumental]0
Johnson Boys [Instrumental]0
Jolly Old St. Nicholas [Instrumental]0
Katyusha [Instrumental]0
La Ranita Cri (The Little Frog Croaks) [Instrumental]1
Let's Go Dancing [Instrumental]0
Little Robin Red Breast [Instrumental]0
Look High, Look Low [Instrumental]0
Mary's Coal Black Lamb [Instrumental]0
Merry-Go-Round [Instrumental]0
Mi Caballo Blanco (My White Horse) [Instrumental]0
Mighty River [Instrumental]0
My Grandfather [Instrumental]0
My Town, My World [Instrumental]0
Na Bahia Tem (In Bahia Town) [Instrumental]0
Naughty Kitty Cat [Instrumental]0
Old Mister Rabbit [Instrumental]0
Old Mister Woodpecker [Instrumental]0
Old Turkey Buzzard [Instrumental]0
Once Upon a Christmastime [Instrumental]0
Once Upon a Christmastime/Jolly Old St. Nicholas [Instrumental]0
One, Two, Three, Four, Five [Instrumental]0
Over the Rainbow [Instrumental]0
Part of Your World [Instrumental]0
Peter Cottontail [Instrumental]0
Plainsies, Clapsies [Instrumental]0
Popping Corn [Instrumental]0
Red Rover [Instrumental]0
Ride the Train [Instrumental]0
Ridin' of a Goat, Leadin' of a Sheep [Instrumental]0
Ring Around the Rosy [Instrumental]0
Roll on, Columbia [Instrumental]0
Round and Round [Instrumental]0
Samba de Orfeu (Dance of Orpheus) [Instrumental]0
Seeds and Seasons [Instrumental]0
Serra, Serra, Serrador (Saw, Saw Lumberjack) [Instrumental]0
Sky Dances [Instrumental]0
Star Light, Star Bright [Instrumental]0
Stevedore's Song [Instrumental]0
Sweet and Low [Instrumental]0
Sweetly Sings the Donkey [Instrumental]0
The Ballad of the Bedbugs and the Beetles [Instrumental]0
The Girl I Left Behind Me [Instrumental]0
The Great Outdoors [Instrumental]0
The Green Grass Grew All Around [Instrumental]0
The Greenland Whale Fishery [Instrumental]0
The Holly and the Ivy [Instrumental]0
The Season of Hope [Instrumental]0
The Ship in Distress [Instrumental]0
This Is My City [Instrumental]0
This Is My Country [Instrumental]0
This Land Is Your Land [Instrumental]0
Three Little Kittens [Instrumental]0
Tinker, Tailor [Instrumental]0
Toodala [Instrumental]0
Tree of Peace [Instrumental]0
Troika [Instrumental]0
Viva la Musica [Instrumental]0
Vive l'Amour [Instrumental]0
Wait and See [Instrumental]0
Walk in the Parlor [Instrumental]0
Walk to School [Instrumental]0
When I Was Young [Instrumental]0

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