Song Name   Comments
A la Rueda Rueda ('Round and 'Round) [Instrumental]0
A Tisket a Tasket [Instrumental]0
A Tisket a Tasket [Stereo Mix]0
A Tisket a Tasket [Vocal Practice]0
Acka Backa [Instrumental]0
Alison's Camel [Instrumental]0
All Night, All Day [Instrumental]0
Animal Fair [Instrumental]0
Apples and Bananas [Instrumental]0
Autumn Leaves [Instrumental]0
Battle Hymn of the Republic (Refrain) [Instrumental]0
Bingo [Instrumental]0
Bluebells [Instrumental]0
Brinca la Tablita (Hop, Hop!) [Instrumental]0
Button, You Must Wander [Instrumental]0
Cboc Asi Me Nsa [Instrumental]0
Chag Asif (Harvest Time) [Instrumental]0
Charlie Over the Ocean [Instrumental]0
Chiapanecas (Ladies of Chiapas) [Instrumental]0
Clap Your Hands [Instrumental]0
Dide [Instrumental]0
Doggie, Doggie [Instrumental]0
Doing the Weekly Walk [Instrumental]0
Duérmete Mi Niño (Go to Sleep, My Baby) [Instrumental]0
Eh Soom Boo Kawaya (Nigerian Boat Song) [Instrumental]0
El Florón (The Flower) [Instrumental]0
El Juego Chirimbolo (The Chirimbolo Game) [Instrumental]0
El Nacimiento (The Nativity) [Instrumental]0
El Rorro (The Babe) [Instrumental]0
En la Feria de San Juan [In the Market of San Juan][Instrumental]0
Frog Went a Courtin' [Instrumental]0
Go Tell It on the Mountain [Instrumental]0
Going Over the Sea [Instrumental]0
Great Big House [Instrumental]0
Hakyo Jong (School Bells) [Instrumental]0
Here We Come A-Wassailing [Instrumental]0
Hokey Pokey [Instrumental]0
Hop, Old Squirrel [Instrumental]0
I Have a Car [Instrumental]0
I Saw Three Ships [Instrumental]0
Ifetayo (Love Brings Happiness) [Instrumental]0
In and Out [Instrumental]0
In the Window [Instrumental]0
Ja Posejah Lubenice (I Planted Watermelons) [Instrumental]0
Johnny Works with One Hammer [Instrumental]0
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas [Instrumental]0
Joy to the World [Instrumental]0
Juan Pirulero [Instrumental]0
Kaeru No Uta (Frog's Song) [Instrumental]0
Kalinka (Little Snowball Bush) [Instrumental]0
Kobuta [Instrumental]0
La Paloma Se Fue (The Dove That Flew Away) [Instrumental]0
Light the Candles [Instrumental]0
Little Caboose [Instrumental]0
Los Pollitos (Little Chickens) [Instrumental]0
Lucy Locket [Instrumental]0
Mail Myself to You [Instrumental]0
Mama Paquita [Instrumental]0
Must Be Santa [Instrumental]0
My Thumbs Are Starting to Wiggle [Instrumental]0
North Winds Blow [Instrumental]0
O Tannenbaum! (O Christmas Tree!) [Instrumental]0
Oh, A-Hunting We Will Go [Instrumental]0
Old King Glory [Instrumental]0
Oliver Twist [Instrumental]0
One Finger, One Thumb [Instrumental]0
One, Two, Tie My Shoe [Instrumental]0
Over the River and Through the Wood [Instrumental]0
Pat-A-Pan [Instrumental]0
Peanut Butter [Instrumental]0
Pease Porridge Hot [Instrumental]0
Pizza, Pizza, Daddy-O [Instrumental]0
Punchinella [Instrumental]0
Put on a Costume [Instrumental]0
Quaker, Quaker [Instrumental]0
Rain, Rain, Go Away [Instrumental]0
Row, Row, Row Your Boat [Instrumental]0
Salamanca Market [Canon][Instrumental]0
Salamanca Market [Unison][Instrumental]0
Scotland's Burning [Instrumental]0
See the Pony Galloping [Instrumental]0
Seesaw [Instrumental]0
Shoo, Turkey [Instrumental]0
Simi Tadech (Give Me Your Hand) [Instrumental]0
Skin and Bones [Instrumental]0
Snail, Snail [Instrumental]0
Tako No Uta (The Kite Song) [Instrumental]0
Ten in a Bed [Instrumental]0
The Bear Went Over the Mountain [Instrumental]0
The Bus [Instrumental]0
The Wind Blew East [Instrumental]0
There's a Hole in the Bucket [Instrumental]0
This Is What I Can Do [Instrumental]0
This Little Light of Mine [Instrumental]0
This Old Man [Instrumental]0
Tinga Layo [Instrumental]0
Ucha Tirvarch (Little Bear Song) [Instrumental]0
Up on the Housetop [Instrumental]0
Vamos a la Mar (Let's Go to the Sea) [Instrumental]0
Wang Ü Ger [Chinese Fishing Song][Instrumental]0
We Are Playing in the Forest [Instrumental]0
We Wish You a Merry Christmas [Instrumental]0
When You Send a Valentine [Instrumental]0
Who's Got a Fishpole? [Instrumental]0
Who's That Tapping at the Window? [Instrumental]0
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