Song Name   Comments
A Modern Dragon [Instrumental]0
All Ye Who Music Love [Instrumental]0
Amazing Grace [Instrumental]0
America the Beautiful [Instrumental]0
America [Instrumental]0
Another Busy Day [Instrumental]0
Apple Picker's Reel [Instrumental]0
Artichokes [Instrumental]0
Away for Rio [Instrumental]0
Baby Beluga [Instrumental]0
Banyan Tree [Instrumental]0
Beauty and the Beast [Instrumental]0
Best Friends [Instrumental]0
Big and Small [Instrumental]0
Billy [Instrumental]0
Blow, Ye Winds, Blow [Instrumental]0
Bonjour, Mes Amis (Hello, My Friends) [Instrumental]0
Bow, Wow, Wow [Instrumental]0
Buckeye Jim [Instrumental]0
Butterfly Come Play with Me [Instrumental]0
Cat and Dog [Instrumental]0
Cedar Swamp [Instrumental]0
Chase the Squirrel [Instrumental]0
Check It Out! (It's About Respect) [Instrumental]0
Chicka Hanka [Instrumental]0
Chickery Chick [Instrumental]0
Chika-Ma, Chika-Ma, Craney Crow [Instrumental]0
Chiribim [Instrumental]0
Clocks [Instrumental]0
Columbus Sailed with Three Ships [Instrumental]0
Consider Youself [Instrumental]0
Corner Grocery Store [Instrumental]0
Cotton-Eye Joe [Instrumental]0
Cripple Creek [Instrumental]0
Cuckoo, Where Are You? [Instrumental]0
Dance, Dance, Dance! [Instrumental]0
Death of the Robin [Instrumental]0
Didn't It Rain [Instrumental]0
Ding Dong Diggy Diggy Dong [Instrumental]0
Double This [Instrumental]0
Engine, Engine Number Nine [Instrumental]0
Every Day I Have the Blues [Instrumental]0
Everybody Has Music Inside [Instrumental]0
Everything Grows [Instrumental]0
Four White Horses [Instrumental]0
Frog in the Meadow [Instrumental]0
Frosty Weather [Instrumental]0
Funiculì, Funiculà [Instrumental]0
Gi'me Elbow Room [Instrumental]0
Gilly, Gilly, Gilly Good Morning [Instrumental]0
Golden Ring Around the Susan Girl [Instrumental]0
Granny [Instrumental]0
Grasshoppers Three [Instrumental]0
Happy Birthday [Instrumental]0
Hava Nagila [Instrumental]0
Hava Nashira (Sing Alleluia) [Instrumental]0
Heart [Instrumental]0
Heigh Ho, Here We Go [Instrumental]0
Hello! [Instrumental]0
Hello, Hello There [Instrumental]0
Hi, My Name Is Joe! [Instrumental]0
Hop, Hop, Hop [Instrumental]0
Hullaballoo Balay [Instrumental]0
I Bought Me a Cat [Instrumental]0
I Can't Spell Hippopotamus [Instrumental]0
I Heard a Mockingbird [Instrumental]0
I See [Instrumental]0
In My Little Motor Boat [Instrumental]0
It's Raining! It's Pouring! [Instrumental]0
Jack-In-The-Box [Instrumental]0
Jack-O'-Lantern [Instrumental]0
Johnny's Flea [Instrumental]0
Joy [Instrumental]0
Jump, Jim Joe [Instrumental]0
Just Like the Sun [Instrumental]0
Lavender's Blue [Instrumental]0
Leatherwing Bat [Instrumental]0
Lemonade [Instrumental]0
Let Us Chase the Squirrel [Instrumental]0
Lift Up Your Voices [Instrumental]0
Limbo Rock [Instrumental]0
Little Boy of the Sheep [Instrumental]0
Little Tommy Tinker [Instrumental]0
Little White Duck [Instrumental]0
Love Grows [Instrumental]0
Lukey's Boat [Instrumental]0
Lullaby of Broadway [Instrumental]0
Mango Walk [Instrumental]0
Marco Polo [Instrumental]0
Mister Rabbit, Mister Rabbit [Instrumental]0
Morning Has Broken [Instrumental]0
My Dreidel [Instrumental]0
My Friend Tom [Instrumental]0
My Government Claim [Unison][Instrumental]0
Name Game [Instrumental]0
No One Like You [Instrumental]0
Old Aunt Dinah [Instrumental]0
Old Roger [Instrumental]0
On This Night [Instrumental]0
On Top of Spaghetti [Instrumental]0
One Potato, Two Potato [Instrumental]0
Pitty Patty Polt [Instrumental]0
Pop! Goes the Weasel [Instrumental]0
Puddle Hopping [Instrumental]0
Rage and Roar [Instrumental]0
Rain Is Falling Down [Instrumental]0
Ride Like the Wind [Instrumental]0
Ride on the Wind [Instrumental]0
Riding in the Buggy [Instrumental]0
Rise Up Singin' [Instrumental]0
Rocky Top [Instrumental]0
Sailor, Sailor on the Sea [Instrumental]0
Sammy Sackett [Instrumental]0
Sandy Mcnab [Instrumental]0
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town0
See the Rabbit Running [Instrumental]0
Seeds, Version 1: Vocal [Instrumental]0
Shalom Chaveyrim (Shalom, My Friends) [Instrumental]0
She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain [Instrumental]0
Shrimp Boats [Instrumental]0
Silent Night0
Sing, America Sing! [Instrumental]0
Skating [Instrumental]0
Sleep, Bonnie Bairnie [Instrumental]0
Smoke Goes Up the Chimney [Instrumental]0
Spiders [Unison][Instrumental]0
Srawberry Roan [Instrumental]0
Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (Silent Night)0
Sun Don't Set in the Morning [Unison][Instrumental]0
Sweet Music [Instrumental]0
Tain't What You Do [Instrumental]0
Taps [Instrumental]0
The Animal Song [Instrumental]0
The Ants Go Marching [Instrumental]0
The Best That I Can Be! [Instrumental]0
The Cliffs of Doneen [Instrumental]0
The Food Song [Instrumental]0
The Kangaroo [Instrumental]0
The Mill Song [Instrumental]0
The New Day [Instrumental]0
The Power of the Dream [Instrumental]0
The Swing [Instrumental]0
The Times They Are A-Changin' [Instrumental]0
The Trout [Instrumental]0
The Water Is Wide [Instrumental]0
The Woodpecker [Instrumental]0
There's a Hole in the Middle of the Sea [Instrumental]0
This Is America [Instrumental]0
This Is Halloween [Instrumental]0
Three Little Penguins [Instrumental]0
Turn the Glasses Over [Instrumental]0
We All Sing with the Same Voice [Instrumental]0
We Are the Children of Tomorrow [Instrumental]0
Welcome Is the Month of May [Instrumental]0
What Did Delaware? [Instrumental]0
What the World Needs Now [Instrumental]0
When Johnny Comes Marching Home [Instrumental]0
Who Chopped the Cherry Tree Down? [Instrumental]0
Who's That Yonder? [Instrumental]0
Wind Blow [Instrumental]0
Woodchuck [Instrumental]0
Words of Wisdom [Instrumental]0
Yellow Submarine [Instrumental]0
You'll Sing a Song and I'll Sing a Song [Instrumental]0
You've Got a Friend in Me [Instrumental]0

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