Song Name   Comments
1901 [Instrumental]0
21 Guns [Instrumental]0
3 [Instrumental]0
4 My Town (Play Ball) [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
A Horse With No Name [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
According To You [Instrumental]0
Ain't No Doubt About It [Instrumental]0
Ain't Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) [Instrumental]0
Airplanes [Instrumental]0
Airplanes, Pt. II [ (Originally Performed by B.O. B Feat. Eminem & Hayl0
Alejandro [Instrumental]0
All the Right Moves [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
All the Way Turnt Up [Instrumental]0
Already Gone [Instrumental]0
Alright (Patron) [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Amazing [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Angie [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Awesome & Mighty [Accompaniment Track/Instrumental]0
Baby I'm-a Want You0
Baby [Instrumental]0
Bad Romance [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Beamer, Benz, or Bentley [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Beautiful Monster [Instrumental]0
Bedrock [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Best I Ever Had [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Bet I [Instrumental]0
Beth [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Better Than a Hallelujah [Instrumental]0
Billionaire [Instrumental]0
Bionic [Instrumental]0
Birthday Sex [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Blah Blah Blah [Instrumental]0
Break My Bank [Instrumental]0
Break Up To Make Up [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Break Up [Instrumental]0
Break Your Heart [Instrumental]0
Breakeven (Falling to Pieces) [Instrumental]0
Bulletproof [Instrumental]0
California Gurls [Instrumental]0
Can't Be Tamed [Instrumental]0
Candy Bling [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Carry Out [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Celebration [Instrumental]0
Chillin [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
City on Our Knees [Instrumental]0
Club Can't Handle Me [Instrumental]0
Cold Case Love [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Cooler Than Me [Instrumental]0
Cousins [Instrumental]0
Cowboy Casanova [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Crack a Bottle [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Crawl [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Crime Wave [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
D.O.a. (Death of Auto-Tune) [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Dance Forever [Instrumental]0
Dance in the Dark [Instrumental]0
Day 'N' Nite [Instrumental]0
Daze [Instrumental]0
Dead and Gone [Instrumental]0
Do You Remember [Instrumental]0
Doesn't Mean Anything [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Don't Forget [Instrumental]0
Don't Let Me Fall [Instrumental]0
Down on Me [Instrumental]0
Down [Instrumental]0
Drop the World [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Dynamite [Instrumental]0
Eenie Meenie [Instrumental]0
Electric Feel [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Emmanuel [Instrumental]0
Empire State of Mind [Instrumental]0
Empire State of Mind, Pt. 2 [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Evacuate the Dancefloor [Instrumental]0
F**k You [Instrumental]0
Face Drop [Karaoke /Instrumental]0
Fallin' For You [Instrumental]0
Far Away [Originally Performed By Tyga Feat. Chris Richardson]0
Fearless [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Fed Up [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Fifteen [Instrumental]0
Find Your Love [Instrumental]0
Fireflies [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Firework [Instrumental]0
Gangsta Luv [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Get Back Up [Instrumental]0
Give It Up To Me [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Glitter In the Air [Instrumental]0
Gonerrhea [Instrumental]0
Got Your Back [Instrumental]0
Green Light [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Grindin' Making Money [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Halo [Instrumental]0
Happy [Instrumental]0
Hard [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Haven't Met You Yet [Instrumental]0
Hello Good Morning [Instrumental]0
Help! [Remastered - Instrumental]0
Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home) [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Hey Ho [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Hey, Soul Sister [Instrumental]0
Home [Instrumental]0
Hot N Cold [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Hot N' Fun [Instrumental]0
Hotel Room Service [Karaoke /Instrumental]0
How Low [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
How To Save a Life [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
I Can Transform Ya [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
I Dreamed a Dream [Instrumental]0
I Gotta Feeling [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
I Kissed a Girl [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) [Karaoke /Instrumental]0
I Like It [Instrumental]0
I Love U [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
I Made It (Cash Money Heroes) [Instrumental]0
I Wanna Rock [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
I Will Follow [(Instrumental) Originally Performed by Chris Tomlin]0
I'm Back [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
I'm Goin In [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
I'm Yours [Instrumental]0
If We Ever Meet Again [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
If You Don't Know Me By Now [Instrumental]0
Imma Be [Instrumental]0
Imma Star (Everywhere We Are) [Instrumental]0
In My Head [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
It's Not Unusual [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Iyiyi [Instrumental]0
Jai Ho [Instrumental]0
Just a Dream [Instrumental]0
Just the Way You Are [Instrumental]0
Kings and Queens [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Knock You Down [Instrumental]0
La La [Instrumental]0
Lemonade [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Let It Loose [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Life After You [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Light Up [Instrumental]0
Like a G6 [Instrumental]0
Lil' Freak [Instrumental]0
Live Your Life [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Lose Control [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Lose My Mind [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Love Come Down [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Love Story [Instrumental]0
Low [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Luv [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Magic [Instrumental]0
Marchin On [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Mars Vs Venus [Instrumental]0
Marvin & Chardonnay [Originally Performed by Big Sean Feat. Kanye West0
Masquerade [Instrumental]0
Medicine [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Meet Me Halfway [Instrumental]0
Million Dollar Bill [Instrumental]0
Million Dollar Girl [Instrumental]0
Mine [Instrumental]0
Miss Me [Instrumental]0
Money To Blow [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Monster [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
More [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Moves Like Jagger [Originally Performed By Maroon 5 Feat. Christina Agu0
Mr. Know It All [Originally Performed By Kelly Clarkson]0
My Best Days Are Ahead of Me [Instrumental]0
My Chick Bad [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
My First Kiss [Instrumental]0
Naturally [Instrumental]0
Need You Now [Instrumental]0
Neighbors Know My Name [Instrumental]0
Never Say Never [Instrumental]0
Night Is Young [Instrumental]0
No Love [Instrumental]0
Not Afraid [Instrumental]0
Nothin' On You [Instrumental]0
Obsessed [Instrumental]0
Oh Santa! [Instrumental]0
Omg [Instrumental]0
On Fire [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
On My Mind [Originally Performed by Cody Simpson]0
On My Way [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
One Day [Instrumental]0
One Love [Instrumental]0
One Time [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Only Girl in the World [Instrumental]0
Ordinary People [Instrumental]0
Over [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Paparazzi [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Papers [Instrumental]0
Paradice [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Party All the Time [Instrumental]0
Party in the USA [Instrumental]0
Poker Face [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Prom Queen [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Psycho [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Put Your Hands Up [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Pyramid [Instrumental]0
Que Sera [Instrumental]0
Raise Your Glass [Instrumental]0
Remember the Time - This Is It [Instrumental]0
Replay [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Reverse Cowgirl [Instrumental]0
Ride [Instrumental]0
Ridin' Solo [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Right Above It [Instrumental]0
Right Round [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Right Thru Me [Originally Performed by Nicki Minaj]0
Rock With You0
Rockband [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Rolling in the Deep [Originally Performed by Adele]0
Royal Flush [Instrumental]0
Ruby Tuesday [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Rude Boy [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Run This Town [Instrumental]0
Run This Town [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Russian Roulette [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Say Aah [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Say Something [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Sex In Crazy Places [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Sex On Fire [Instrumental]1
Sexting [Instrumental]0
Sexy & I Know It [Originally Performed By LMFAO]0
Sexy Bitch (Sexy Chick) [Instrumental]0
Shakin' It 4 Daddy [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Shark in the Water [Instrumental]0
She Wolf/Loba [Karaoke /Instrumental]0
Shots [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Shut It Down [Instrumental]0
Silly Boy [Karaoke/Instrumental]1
Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) [Instrumental]0
Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Sister Golden Hair [Instrumental]0
So Big [Instrumental]0
So What [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Sober [Instrumental]0
Soldier of Love [Instrumental]0
Solo [Instrumental]0
Somebody to Love [Instrumental]0
Sparks Fly [Instrumental]0
Speechless [Instrumental]0
Spotlight [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Starstrukk [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Steady Mobbin [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Still Standing [Instrumental]0
Strobe Lights [Instrumental]0
Stuck Like Glue [Instrumental]0
Stupid Wild [Instrumental]0
Successful [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Sure Thing [Originally Performed by Miguel]0
Take a Bow [Instrumental]0
Take It Off [Instrumental]0
Tears In Heaven [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Teenage Dream [Instrumental]0
Telephone [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
That's Not My Name [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
The Climb [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
The Legend of Zelda [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
The Time (Dirty Bit) [Instrumental]0
The Time of My Life [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
The Time of Our Lives [Instrumental]0
The Way I Are [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
There Goes My Baby [Instrumental]0
This Is It [Instrumental]0
Tie Me Down [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Tik Tok [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Today Was a Fairytale [Instrumental]0
Touch My Body [Instrumental]0
Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart [Instrumental]0
Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1) [Instrumental]0
Two is Better Than One [Instrumental]0
Umbrella Beach [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Under My Thumb [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Undo It [Instrumental]0
Up All Night [Instrumental]0
Up Out My Face [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Uprising [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Use Somebody [Instrumental]0
Vanilla Twilight [Instrumental]0
Video Phone [Karaoke/Instrumental (Extended Remix)]0
Viva La Vida [Instrumental]0
Wait Your Turn [Instrumental]0
Wasted [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Watagatapitusberry [Remix Instrumental]0
We Be Getting Money [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
We R Who We R [Instrumental]0
We Weren't Born To Follow [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
We'll Be Alright [Instrumental]0
What I've Done [Instrumental]0
Whataya Want from Me [Instrumental]0
Whatcha Say [Instrumental]0
Whatever You Like [Instrumental]0
When I Look At You [Instrumental]0
When Love Takes Over [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Who I Am [Instrumental]0
Why You Up in Here [Instrumental]0
Winner [Instrumental]0
With a Little Help From My Friends [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Womanizer [Instrumental]0
Women Lie, Men Lie [Instrumental]0
Won't Back Down [Instrumental]0
Yeah! [Instrumental]0
Yes [Instrumental]0
You Belong With Me [Instrumental]0
Young Forever [Karaoke/Instrumental]0
Your Love is My Drug [Instrumental]0
Zoosk Girl [Instrumental]0

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