Song Name   Comments
Action Hero [Karaoke Version] [Instrumental][Version]0
Boom Boom Beat [Karaoke Version] [Instrumental]0
Building a Fence0
Building a Fence [Songlet]0
Celebrate [Instrumental]0
Ch-Ch-Changing [Karaoke Version] [Instrumental][Version]0
City and Country [Karaoke Version] [Instrumental][Version]0
Come Around To My Place [Karaoke Version] [Instrumental][Version]0
Dragon Grooving0
E.N.E.R.G. y [Instrumental]0
Feel the Beat0
Five Senses0
Five Senses [Instrumental]0
Friends [Karaoke Version] [Instrumental]0
Give It a Go0
Give It a Go [Instrumental]0
Going Out0
Going Out [Instrumental]0
Hand in Hand0
Hand in Hand [Instrumental]0
I Can Go Anywhere [Karaoke Version] [Instrumental]0
In the Bathroom0
Inside My Heart [Instrumental]0
It's a Party0
It's a Party [Instrumental]0
Making Music [Karaoke Version] [Instrumental][Version]0
Mirror Mirror0
Move It!0
Move It! [Instrumental]0
Move Your Body0
Move Your Body [Instrumental]0
Move Your Body [Karaoke Version] [*][Instrumental]0
North South East and West0
One Step Forward0
One Step Forward [Instrumental]0
Opposites Attract [Karaoke Version] [Instrumental]0
Pizza, Pizza, Pizza0
Pizza, Pizza, Pizza [Songlet]0
Planet Disco [Karaoke Version] [Instrumental][Version]0
Rainbow 'Round the World [Karaoke Version] [Instrumental][Version]0
Reach Out0
Reach Out [Instrumental]0
Robot Number 10
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town0
Shining Sun0
So Many Animals0
So Many Animals [Instrumental]0
Some Kind of Wonderful [Karaoke Version] [Instrumental][Version]0
Space Friends0
Space Friends [Songlet]0
Special Days0
T.E.A.M. [Karaoke Version] [Instrumental][Version]0
The Planets0
Three Wishes0
You Can't See Me0
You're My Number One [Karaoke Version] [Instrumental]0

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