Mark Mothersbaugh

While best known as one of the founders of the iconic new wave band Devo, Mark Mothersbaugh has quietly transformed himself into a renaissance man since the group's fortunes peaked in the '80s, and has distinguished himself ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
21 Jump Street0
22 Jump Street0
Arena Fight0
Asgard Is a People0
Bare Bones0
Can't Take My Eyes Off of You0
Cloud Cuckooland and Ben the Spaceman0
Devil's Anus0
Edward Appleby0
Emmet Falls in Love0
Emmet's Mind0
Emmet's Morning0
Emmet's Plan0
Emmet's Speech0
Eureka on My Mind0
First Volley0
Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends0
Grandmaster Jam Session0
Grandmaster's Chambers0
Hardest Geometry Problem in the World0
Hela vs. Asgard0
Hit Me0
I Am a Master Builder0
Into the Old West0
Kite Flying Society0
Last Vegas0
Let Me Tell You About My Boat0
Let There Be Snow0
Let's Put It All Back0
Loquasto International Film Festival0
Margaret Yang's Theme0
Middle Zealand0
My Secret Weapon0
Nick & Norah's Theme0
No One Escapes0
Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op0
Piranhas Are a Very Tricky Species0
Pitch Perfect 2 End Credit Medley0
Planet Sakaar0
Ragnarok Suite0
Reaching the Kragle0
Requiem for Cuckooland0
Rugrats Theme0
Running Short on Options0
Sakaar Chase0
Saloons and Wagons0
Sharp Little Guy0
Shopping Spree0
Snowflake Music0
Submarines and Metal Beard0
The Lad with the Silver Button0
The Revolution Has Begun0
The Shoot Out0
The Sims 2 Theme0
The Transformation0
The Truth0
The Vault0
Thor: Ragnarok0
Twilight of the Gods0
U Got Me Bugged0
We Call Them Pirates Out Here0
We Did It!0
Weird Things Happen0
What Heroes Do0
Where Am I?0
Where To?0
Where's the Sword?0
Wyldstyle Explains0
Wyldstyle Leads0
You Better Watch Out...0
Zissou Society Blue Star Cadets/Ned's Theme0
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