Song Name   Comments
Alley-Oop [Instrumental]0
Angels in the Snow [Instrumental]0
Baby, That Is Rock 'N Roll [Instrumental]0
Basketball Dance [Instrumental] [Instrumental]0
Bear [Instrumental]0
Blue Suede Shoes [Instrumental]0
Camel [Instrumental]0
Carolina in the Morning [Instrumental]0
Cat Stretch/Alley Cat [Instrumental]0
Chicken/The Chicken [Instrumental]0
Choo Choo to the Zoo [Instrumental]0
Circle Around [Instrumental]0
Colors Of Africa [Instrumental] [Instrumental]0
Crab [Instrumental]0
Dancing Elephants [Instrumental]0
Did You Ever See a Lassie? [Instrumental]0
Donkey [Instrumental]0
Duck [Instrumental]0
Frère Jacques [Instrumental]0
Giraffe [Instrumental]0
Go Round and Round the Village [Instrumental]0
I Dance My Dream [Instrumental]0
If You're Happy and You Know It [Instrumental]0
Inchworm [Instrumental]0
Jollywonks [Instrumental]0
Jumping Jacks [Instrumental]0
Lion [Instrumental]0
Looby Loo [Instrumental]0
Love Makes the World Go 'Round (Carousel) [Instrumental]0
Monkey Bounce [Instrumental]0
Movin' Fast [Instrumental]0
Our Fancy Dance Parade [Instrumental]0
Paw Paw Patch [Instrumental]0
Penguin [Instrumental]0
Puppy Dog [Instrumental]0
Quiet Time [Instrumental]0
Red Red Robin [Instrumental]0
Seal [Instrumental]0
Seals [Instrumental]0
Skip to My Loo [Instrumental]0
Swan [Instrumental]0
Toes Up, Toes Down [Instrumental]0
Toot [Instrumental]0
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star [Instrumental]0
Walk Your Way to Fitness [Instrumental]0
When the Saints Come Marching In [Instrumental]0
Wipe Out [Instrumental]0
Wonderful Copenhagen (Maypole Activity) [Instrumental]0

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