Song Name   Comments
A Beautiful Song0
Back of Your Mind0
Christopher Columbus0
Crowded [*][Demo Version]0
Featherbedding Lover0
Forget All About It0
Forget All About It [*]0
Forget All About It [Todd on Lead Vocals][*]0
Forget All About It [Todd Sings Version][#]0
Gonna Cry Today0
Hang On Paul0
Hello It's Me0
Hello It's Me [*][Demo Version]0
Hello It's Me [Mono Single Mix][*]0
How Can You Call That Beautiful0
How Can You Call That Beautiful [Slightly Different Lyrics, Todd's Voc]0
If That's the Way You Feel0
It's Not That Easy0
It's Not That Easy [*]0
It's Not That Easy [No Strings and Todd's Vocals]0
It's Not That Easy [Todd on Lead Vocals][*]0
It's Not That Easy [Todd Sings Version][#]0
Kicks [Long Version][*]0
Kiddie Boy0
Kiddie Boy [No Horns, Demo Version, Different Mix, Todd's Voca]0
Lemming Song0
Letters Don't Count0
Letters Don't Count (Todd on Lead Vocals) [*]0
Letters Don't Count [*]0
Letters Don't Count [Different Mix, Todd's Vocals]0
Letters Don't Count [Todd on Lead Vocals][*]0
Letters Don't Count [Todd Sings Version][#]0
Loosen Up0
Magic Me0
Magic Me [Alternative Version][Alternate Take][*]0
Magic Me [Audition Tape Demo][#][*]0
Magic Me [Mono Single Mix][*]0
Magic Me [Pre-LP Audition Tape][*]0
Magic Me [Single Mix][*]0
Meridian Leeward0
Meridian Leeward [Alternate Version][*]0
Meridian Leeward [Alternative Version][Alternate Take][*]0
Not Wrong Long0
Not Wrong Long [Extended Beginning][*]0
Not Wrong Long [Mono Single][*]0
Not Wrong Long [Multimedia Track]0
Old Time Lovemaking0
Only One Winner0
Only One Winner [*]0
Only One Winner [Todd on Lead Vocals][*]0
Only One Winner [Todd Sings Version][#]0
Only One Winner [Todd's Vocals]0
Only One Winner, Pt. 20
Open My Eyes0
Open My Eyes [Mono Single][*]0
Open My Eyes [Multimedia Track]0
Open My Eyes [Non-Phased Demo][*]0
Plenty of Lovin'0
Rain Rider0
Resolution [*]0
Resolution [Todd on Lead Vocals][*]0
Resolution [Todd Sings Version][#]0
Resolution [Todd's Vocals]0
See What You Can Be0
See What You Can Be [Audition Tape Demo][#][*]0
See What You Can Be [Pre-LP Audition Tape][*]0
She's Goin' Down0
Some People0
Some People [Mono Single Mix][*]0
Some People [Single Mix][*]0
Sydney's Lunchbox [#][Instrumental]0
Take the Hand0
Take the Hand [ [Todd Sings Version]0
Take the Hand [*]0
Take the Hand [Todd on Lead Vocals][*]0
The Train Kept A Rollin' [Album Out-Take][*]0
Train Kept a Rollin'0
Under the Ice0
Under the Ice [Mono Single][*]0
When I Get My Plane0
Wildwood Blues0
You Are My Window0
You Are My Window [First Rough Cut Piano]0
You Are My Window [Todd and the Piano]0
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