Carrie Newcomer

Singer and songwriter Carrie Newcomer has been a mainstay on the contemporary folk scene since the 1990s, known for emotionally intimate songs that explore the personal, the political, and the spiritual with compassion, ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Crash of Rhinoceros0
A Map of Shadows0
A Mean Kind of Justice0
A Safe Place0
A Simple Change of Heart0
A Small Flashlight0
Air and Smoke0
Alice and Roy0
All I Know0
All Saints' Day0
Amelia Almost 130
An Angel at My Shoulder0
Angels Unaware0
Anything With Wings0
Arthur B. and Bob0
Bare to the Bone0
Be True0
Bearing Witness0
Before and After0
Below the Waves0
Betty's Diner0
Biscuits and Butter0
Bowling Baby0
Breathe In Breathe Out0
Close Your Eyes0
Closer to Home0
Closer to You0
Coy Dogs0
Crazy in Love0
Do No Harm0
Don't Push Send0
Everything Is Everywhere0
Five Years On0
Ghost Train0
Hold On0
Holy as a Day Is Spent0
Holy Ground0
I Believe0
I Do Not Know Its Name0
I Fly0
I Heard an Owl0
I Meant to Do My Work Today0
I Should've Known Better0
I Wish I May, I Wish I Might0
I'll Go Too0
I'm Not Going to Let You Break My Heart0
I'm Not Thinking About You0
I'm Still Standing0
If Not Now0
In the City0
It Goes Both Ways0
It's Not Ok0
Just a Little Hand0
Just Like Downtown0
La Paloma0
Leaves Don't Drop (They Just Let Go)0
Little Earthquakes0
Looking for Something0
Love Is Wide0
Love Like an Immigrant0
May We Be Released0
Meet You on Monday0
My Father's Only Son0
My Mamma Said It's True0
My True Name0
Nothing Is Ever Wasted0
One Good Turn0
One Great Cry0
One Woman and a Shovel0
Only One Shoe0
Playing With Matches0
Seven Dreams0
Something Worth Fighting For0
Stones in the River0
Straight to the Point0
Take It Around Again0
Take One Step0
Tenderly With You0
The Bird or the Wing0
The Clean Edge of Change0
The Fisher King0
The Gathering of Spirits0
The Length of My Arms0
The Love Letter0
The Madness You Get Used To0
The Moon Over Tucson0
The Prelude0
The Razor's Edge0
The Rooms My Mother Made0
The Things I've Gone and Done0
The Yes of Yes0
There and Back0
There Is a Spirit0
There Is a Tree0
These Are the Moments0
This Long0
This Too Will Pass0
Three Women0
Throw Me a Line0
Tornado Alley0
Toward the Horizon0
Two Toasts0
Under Your Skin0
Up in the Attic0
We Were Sleeping0
When It's Gone It's Gone0
When One Door Closes0
Where You Been0
Who Have You Been (And Who Are You Now)0
Wisdom Is Watching0
You Can Choose0
You'd Think by Now0

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