Song Name   Comments
(She's Got) The Fever0
Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do0
All I Know Is the Way I Feel0
All Your Love0
American Music0
Automatic [DVD]0
Automatic [Live]0
Baby Come and Get It0
Back in My Arms0
Band [Instrumental]0
Be There0
Black and Blue0
Black Coffee0
Dance Electric0
Dare Me0
Dare Me [*][Instrumental]0
Dare Me [DVD]0
Dirty Work0
Don't Let a Thief Steal into Your Heart0
Easy Days0
Fairytale [Single Version]0
Fire [DVD]0
Freedom [DVD]0
Going Down Slowly0
Happiness [DVD]0
Happiness [DVD][Live]0
Having a Party0
He's So Shy0
He's So Shy [DVD]0
He's So Shy [DVD][Live]0
He's So Shy [Single Version]0
I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)0
I Need You0
I Need You [DVD]0
I Need You [Special Remix]0
I'm Ready for Love0
I'm Ready for Love [June Pointer Solo Single]0
I'm So Excited1
I'm So Excited [*]0
I'm So Excited [12'' Extended Mix]0
I'm So Excited [DVD]0
I'm So Excited [DVD][Live]0
I'm So Excited [Extended Version]0
I'm So Excited [From Beverly Hills Cop II]0
I'm So Excited [From Working Girl]0
If You Wanna Get Back Your Lady0
Jump (For My Love)0
Jump (For My Love) [12'' Extended Mix]0
Jump (For My Love) [DVD]0
Jump (For My Love) [DVD][Live]0
Jump (For My Love) [Live]0
Jump (For My Love) [Long Version]0
Jump (For My Love) [Single Version]0
Jump (For Your Love)0
Jump for My Love0
Jump [DVD]0
Jump! [Live]0
My Life0
Neutron Dance0
Neutron Dance [DVD]0
Neutron Dance [DVD][Live]0
Neutron Dance [From Beverly Hills Cop]0
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town0
Should I Do It0
Slow Hand0
Slow Hand [DVD]0
Slow Hand [DVD][Live]0
Summer in the City0
The Jam0
The Neutron Dance0
The Shape I'm In0
Wang Dang Doodle0
Wang Dang Doodle [DVD]0
Wang Dang Doodle [Single Version]0
What a Surprise0
Who Do You Love0
Yes We Can Can0
Yes We Can, Can0
Yes We Can, Can [DVD]0
Yes We Can. Can0
You're The Best0
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