Song Name   Comments
A Cat Had a Birthday0
A Face0
A New Way to Walk0
A Really Good Feeling0
A Very Simple Dance0
Bats in My Belfry0
Bein' Green0
Captain Vegetable0
Clucky Clucky Chicken0
Dee, Dee, Dee0
Disco Frog0
Do de Rubber Duck0
Do Something0
Do the Benny Hop0
Do the Dog0
Doin' the Pigeon0
Doin' the Trash0
Doing the Penguin0
Elmo's Song0
Everybody Wash0
Everyone Likes Ice Cream0
Five Monsters in My Family0
Five People in My Family0
Fuzzy and Blue (And Orange)0
Happy Tappin' With Elmo0
Has Anybody Seen My Dog?0
Healthy Food0
Hey Food0
Hot, Hot, Hot0
I Gotta Be Clean0
I Love Trash0
I Refuse to Sing Along0
I Stand Up Straight and Tall0
I Want to Hold Your Ear0
I'm the Big One Now0
I've Got Two0
I, Grover0
In Your Imagination0
It Sure Is Hot!0
Just Because0
Just One Person0
Kids Just Love to Brush0
Ladybugs' Picnic0
Let's Go Driving0
Living Hand in Hand0
Mambo I, I, I0
Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco0
Monster in the Mirror0
Morningtown Ride0
Nearly Missed0
One Fine Face0
One Small Voice0
Oscar Don't Allow0
Oscar's Junk Band0
Over, Under, Around and Through0
People in Your Neighborhood0
Proud of Me0
Readers of the Open Range0
Rebel L0
Row, Row, Row Your Boat1
Rub Your Tummy0
Rubber Duckie0
Sesame Street Theme0
Silly Squirrel Dance0
Somebody Come and Play0
Splish Splash0
Take a Breath0
Take Care of That Smile0
The Batty Bat0
The Dirtiest Town in the West0
The Happiest Street in the World0
The Lambaba!0
The No-No-No!0
The Question Song0
There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea0
There's a Lot of Different Ways to Get to School0
Transylvania 1-2-3-4-50
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star0
Up and Down0
What Are Kids Called0
ZZ Blues0
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