Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is a japanese computer program. The technology is called Vocaloid (=vocal android). That means, songs sung by her are made with the computer. A seiyuu (synchron speaker) 'lent Miku her voice'. As the ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
As I'm Not Human0
As I'm Not Human (Eng, Explicit)1
Be My Sacrifice0
Be My Sacrifice (English Translation)0
Black Rock Shooter0
Black★Rock Shooter (English Translation)0
Blue Ice Castle0
Blue Ice Castle (English Translation)0
Can't I Even Dream?0
Can't I Even Dream? (English Translation)0
Candy or Dream0
Candy or Dream (English Translation)0
Cendrillon (English Translation)0
Circle You, Circle You0
Circle You, Circle You (English Translation)1
Corpse Attack!!0
Corpse Attack!! (English Translation)0
Crazy Clown0
Crazy Clown (English Translation)0
Crescent Moon Rider0
Crescent Moon Rider (English Translation)0
Crime and Punishment0
Crime and Punishment (English Translation)0
Crimson of Sadness0
Crimson of Sadness (English Translation)0
Daiben (English Translation)1
Dark Wood Circus0
Dark Wood Circus (English Translation)0
Delete....Enter (English Translation)0
Despair (English Translation)0
DIARRHEA (English Translation)0
Final Reason0
Final Reason (English Translation)0
Guard and Scythe0
Guard and Scythe (English Translation)0
Hirari Hirari (English)0
Ievan Polkka1
Jibaku (English Translation)0
Love Is War0
Love Is War (English Translation)0
Love Ration Equation0
Love Ration Equation (English Translation)0
Monopolized Romance0
Monopolized Romance (English Translation)0
Poetaster and Singing Dolls0
Poetaster and Singing Dolls (English Translation)0
Potato Head In Wonderland0
Potato Head In Wonderland (English Translation)0
Princess Snow White0
Princess Snow White (English Translation)0
Red Swamp Bottom0
Red Swamp Bottom (English Translation)0
Rolling Girl1
Rolling Girl (English Translated)6
Rolling Girl (English Translation)0
SOU CORE (English Translation)0
Steel Cage Princess0
Steel Cage Princess (English Translation)0
The Full Course For Candy Addicts0
The Full Course For Candy Addicts (English)0
The Love Suicides At Sonezaki0
The Love Suicides At Sonezaki (English)0
Tokyo Metropolis Rock City0
Tokyo Metropolis Rock City (English Translation)0
Triple Baka0
Triple Baka (English Translation)0
Wash My Blood0
Wide Knowledge of Late Madness0
Wide Knowledge of Late Madness (English)0
World Is Mine0
World Is Mine (English Translation)2

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