The Stone Coyotes

As an unlikely rock trio in the form of a New York City guitarist and vocalist (Barbara Keith aka mom), a former television sitcom writer-turned-drummer (Doug Tibbles aka dad), and a bassist playing since the age of 11 (John ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Charmed Life0
A Deep and Abiding Love0
A Rude Awakening0
Ain't Nobody Home0
All Dressed Up0
All For Angelina0
American Child0
Any Way the Wind Blows0
Back to New York0
Bang Bang Bang Bang0
Blue Mountain0
Bone Tired0
Born To Howl0
Bound to Burn0
Brand New Car0
Call Off Your Dogs0
Church of the Falling Rain0
Cold Hard Winter0
Creepin' Like a Cat0
Dance Band0
Death of the American Song0
Desperate Times0
Detroit or Buffalo0
Digging for Gold0
Dreams of Glory0
Face on the Train0
Fire It Up0
Folded Wings0
Four Times Gone0
Free the People0
Hammer on the Nail0
Heart of a Champion0
Highland Boy0
House of Confusion0
I Don't Know Why0
I Wanna Be a Punk Again0
I Want to Rock0
If I Knew How to Dance0
If You See The One0
Johnny Rock's Cantina0
Land of the Living0
Little White Lies0
Lucky Day0
Mama, Take a Look at Me Now0
Might Have Been Memphis0
My Horse Has Wings0
My Little Runaway0
Never Say Die0
No Turning Back0
Noah's Ark0
Not Right Now0
On the Riverbank0
Out of Harm's Way0
Party Down the Hall0
Peace of Mind0
Pennsylvania Coal Mine0
Plain American Girl0
Rock Harder Than You0
Rock It0
Rock On0
Saw You at the Hop0
Situation Out Of Control0
Slip The Shackle0
So Long, I'm Gone, Goodbye0
Stars in Her Eyes0
Stealing My Thunder0
The Beat's Got a Hold on Me0
The Black Atlantic0
The Bramble and the Rose0
The Changing of the Guard0
The First Lady Of Rock0
The Ghost of Vicksburg0
The Girls of America0
The Grey Robe of the Rain0
The Lights of Home0
The Mark of Cain0
The Ones Who Rocked and Rolled0
The Phoenix0
The River's Mouth0
The Sailor's Song0
The Tic Toc Lounge0
The Valley of Regret0
Thunder on the Left0
Tomorrow Is Another Day0
Torn Asunder0
Train to Nowhere0
Trouble Down in Texas0
Wake Up, What's The Matter?0
What a Pity0
When Parliament Convenes0
Where the Old Oak Grows0
While Unseen Angels Hover0
Whole Lotta Money0
Wolves at Your Door0
Your Hour To Sing0

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