Stan Ridgway

Stan Ridgway (born on April 5, 1954), is an American multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, and was the original lead singer of the band Wall of Voodoo. -Wikipedia ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Mission in Life1
After the Storm1
As I Went Out One Morning1
Back in Flesh1
Back Towards Diamond Bar1
Bel Air Blues1
Beloved Movie Star1
Beyond Tomorrow1
Big American Problem1
Big Dumb Town1
Bing Can't Walk1
Brand New Special and Unique1
Call Box1
Call of the West1
Calling Out to Carol1
Can't Complain1
Can't Stop the Show1
Classic Hollywood Ending1
Crow Hollow Blues1
Crystal Palace1
Deep Blue Polka Dot1
Deep Inside We're Blue1
Don't Box Me In1
Down the Coast Highway1
Drive, She Said1
End of the Line1
Free of It All1
Garage Band '691
God Sleeps in a Caboose1
Goin' Southbound1
Gone the Distance1
Harry Truman1
Heat Takes a Walk1
Hell in a Handbasket1
Highway Song1
I Wanna Be a Boss1
Into the Sun1
King for a Day1
Knife and Fork1
Lonely Town2
Luther Played Guitar1
Mama Had a Stove1
Man of Stone1
Mexican Radio1
Mickey the Priest1
Mission Bell1
Monsters of the Id1
Mr. Smith1
Murray's Steakhouse Story1
My Exclusive Sex Club1
My Own Universe1
My Rose Marie (A Soldier's Tale)1
Neon Mirage1
New Blue Mercedes1
Old Bent Coin1
Operator Help Me1
Our Manhattan Moment1
Peg and Pete and Me1
Picasso's Tear1
Pick It Up And Put It In Your Pocket1
Pile Driver1
Pink Parakeet1
Police Call1
Right Through You1
Ring of Fire1
Rio Greyhound1
Running With the Carnival1
Sixteen Tons1
Susie Before Sunrise1
Sweet Pig Alley1
Talk Hard1
That Big 5-01
The Big Heat2
The Gumbo Man1
The Last Honest Man2
The Overlords1
The Passenger2
The Roadblock1
This Way Out1
Throw It Away1
Time Inside1
Time Wave Zero1
Train of Thought1
Triangle Head1
Uba's House of Fashions1
Underneath the Big Green Tree1
Valerie Is Sleeping1
Walkin' Home Alone1
Whatever Happened to You?1
Whistle for Louise1
Wild Bill Donovan3
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