The Dubliners

The Dubliners were an Irish folk band founded in Dublin in 1962. The group line-up has seen many changes over their fifty-year career, but the group's success centred around the extraordinary voices of lead singers Luke ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
(The Bonny) Shoals of Herring0
A Nation Once Again0
A Pub With No Beer0
All for Me Grog0
Back in Durham Gaol0
Banks of the Roses0
Banks of the Roses [Live]0
Barley and Grape Rag0
Black Velvet Band3
Carolan Concerto0
Colonel Fraser and O'Rourke's Reel0
Cork Hornpipe0
Darby O'Leary0
Dirty Old Town0
Drink It Up Men0
Drops of Brandy/Lady Carberry [Instrumental]0
Farewell to Ireland [Instrumental]0
Finnegan's Wake0
Finnegans Wake [Live]0
Flop Eared Mule (Donkey Reel)0
Foggy Dew [Live]0
For What Died the Sons of Róisín0
Four Poster Bed/Colonel Rodney [Instrumental]0
fuck you im drunk1
Galway Races0
Glendalough Saint0
High Germany0
Holy Ground0
Home Boys Home0
Home Boys Home [Live]0
I'm a Rover0
Irish Rover0
James Larkin0
Jar of Porter0
Jar of Porter [Live]0
Join the British Army1
Kelly, the Boy from Killan0
Kid on the Mountains [Instrumental]0
Lord of the Dance0
Love Is Pleasing0
Love Is Pleasing [Live]0
Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe0
McAlpine's Fusiliers0
Molly Bawn1
Molly Maguires0
Molly Malone0
Mormon Braes0
Mrs. McGrath0
Net Hauling Song0
Now I'm Easy [Instrumental]0
Paddy's Gone To France / Skylark0
Paddy's Sick Note1
Peat Bog Soldiers0
Peggy Gordon0
Peggy Gorgon1
Poor Old Dicey Riley0
Prodigal Son [Instrumental]0
Quare Bungle Rye0
Raglan Road1
Rattling Roaring Willie0
Rising of the Moon0
Rocky Road to Dublin0
Rocky Road to Dublin [DVD]0
Scorn Not His Simplicity1
Seven Drunken Nights0
Sullivan's John0
The Banks of the Roses0
The Black Velvet Band0
The Croppy Boy0
The Downfall of Paris [Instrumental]0
The Fairmoye Lasses and Sporting Paddy0
The Foggy Dew3
The Foggy Dew [*]0
The Foggy Dew [Live]0
The Galway Races0
The Glendalough Saint0
The Holy Ground0
The Irish Navy0
The Irish Rover0
The Marino Waltz [Instrumental]0
The Mason's Apron [Instrumental]0
The Molly Maguires0
The Musical Priest/The Blackthorn Stick [Instrumental]0
The Old Alarm Clock0
The Piper's Chair / Bill Hart's Jig / The Nights Of St. Patrick0
The Rising of the Moon0
The Rocky Road to Dublin0
The Rocky Road to Dublin [Live]0
The Rocky Road to Dublin/Within a Mile of Dublin [Instrumental][Medley]0
The Scholar/Teatotaller [Instrumental]0
The Three Sea Captains [Instrumental]0
The Wild Rose0
The Wild Rover0
The Wild Rover [#][*]0
The Wild Rover [Live]0
Tibby Dunbar0
Tramps and Hawkers0
Tramps and Hawkers [Live]0
Weila Weila0
Whiskey in the Jar2
Whiskey on a Sunday0
Wild Rover0
Wild Rover [Live]0
Working Man0

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