Song Name   Comments
2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten0
2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten [Live]0
2 Kool to Be 4-Gotten2
Am I Too Blue0
American Dream0
Are You Alrght?4
Are You Alright?1
Are You Down0
Awakening [Take]0
Awakening [The Kitchen Tapes] [Take]0
Big Red Sun Blues0
Blessed [Take]0
Blessed [The Kitchen Tapes] [Take]0
Born To Be Loved1
Born to Be Loved [Take]0
Born To Be Loved [The Kitchen Tapes] [Take]0
Broken Butterflies0
Buick Blues (Version One)1
Bus To Baton Rouge4
Buttercup [Take]0
Buttercup [The Kitchen Tapes] [Take]0
Can't Let Go2
Can't Let Go [Live]0
Car Wheels On A Gravel Road0
Car Wheels on a Gravel Road [*]0
Car Wheels on a Gravel Road [Live]0
Change the Locks [Live]0
Changed the Locks0
Circles And X's0
Cold, Cold Heart0
Come On2
Concrete and Barbed Wire1
Convince Me0
Convince Me [Take]0
Convince Me [The Kitchen Tapes] [Take]0
Copenhagen [Take]0
Copenhagen [The Kitchen Tapes] [Take]0
Crescent City0
Cresent City0
Dark Side of Life0
Drunken Angel3
Drunken Angel [DVD]0
Drunken Angel [Live]0
Everything Has Changed0
Factory Girls0
Fancy Funeral0
Fruits of My Labor0
Get Right With God0
Great Speckled Bird0
Greenville [Live]0
Hang Down Your Head0
Hang Down Your Head [*]0
Happy Woman Blues0
Hard Road0
He Never Got Enough Love0
Heaven Blues0
Here in California0
Honey Bee1
Hot Blood0
Hot Blood [Live]0
Howlin' at Midnight1
I Asked for Water (He Gave Me Gasoline)0
I Don't Know How You're Livin'0
I Don't Know How You're Livin' [Take]0
I Don't Know How You're Livin' [The Kitchen Tapes] [Take]0
I Envy The Wind5
I Just Wanted to See You So Bad0
I Lost It5
I'm So Happy I Found You0
If Wishes Were Horses1
It's A Long Way To The Top0
Jackson [DVD]0
Jailhouse Tears0
Jambalaya (On the Bayou)0
Joy [DVD]0
Joy [Live]0
Jug Band Music0
King of Hearts0
Kiss Like Your Kiss0
Kiss Like Your Kiss [Take]0
Kiss Like Your Kiss [The Kitchen Tapes] [Take]0
Lake Charles8
Lake Charles [DVD]0
Learning How To Live1
Like A Rose0
Lines Around Your Eyes0
Little Angel, Little Brother1
Little Darlin' Pal of Mine0
Little Rock Star0
Lonely Girls2
Louisiana Man0
Louisiana Story0
Main Road0
Make Me a Pallet on the Floor0
Malted Milk0
Mama You Sweet0
Me and My Chauffeur Blues0
Memphis Pearl0
Metal Firecracker2
Metal Firecracker [Live]0
Motherless Children0
Nothing in Rambling0
Nothing In Rambling [Live][*]0
One Night Stand0
Out Of Touch0
Out of Touch [#][*]0
Over Time1
Passionate Kisses1
People Talkin'0
Pineola [Live]0
Plan To Marry0
Positively 4th Street0
Price to Pay0
Prove My Love0
Pyramid of Tears0
Rambling on My Mind0
Real Live Bleeding Fingers and Broken Guitar Strings1
Real Love1
Reason To Cry0
Return of the Grievous Angel0
Right in Time9
Right in Time [Live]0
Rolling Along0
Satisfied Mind0
Seeing Black0
Seeing Black [Take]0
Seeing Black [The Kitchen Tapes] [Take]0
Sharp Cutting Wings (Song to a Poet)0
Side Of The Road3
Side of the Road [Live][*]0
Sidewalks of the City0
Six Blocks Away0
Soldier's Song0
Soldier's Song [Take]0
Soldier's Song [The Kitchen Tapes] [Take]0
Somebody Somewhere (Don't Know What He's Missin' Tonight)0
Something About What Happens When We Talk0
Something About What Happens When We Talk [Live]0
Something About What Happens When We Talk [Live][*]0
Steal Your Love2
Still I Long for Your Kiss3
Still I Long for Your Kiss [Live]0
Stop Breaking Down0
Sundays [Live][*]0
Sweet Love0
Sweet Love [Take]0
Sweet Love [The Kitchen Tapes] [Take]0
Sweet Old World1
Sweet Side0
Tears Of Joy0
The Night's Too Long0
Those Three Days2
Ugly Truth0
Ugly Truth [Take]0
Ugly Truth [The Kitchen Tapes] [Take]0
Unsuffer Me2
Well Well Well0
What If0
Where Is My Love?0
Which Will0
Words Fell0
World Without Tears2
Wrap My Head Around That0

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